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Born out of frustration while studying at university in 2011; so grim was the constant headache of ordering club merchandise, waiting ages to receive it and then sending it back because it was wrong or rubbish quality.The MongrelCroc senior management team set out to do better.

Three years on, we have removed the stress and mess from the annual club and society clothing purchasing experience; working with clubs, societies and sports teams at over 50 UK universities.

We offer the complete range of in house printing and embroidery services on anything, in any quantity; from Nike sports kit and hoodies to bath robes, flip-flops and bags. Head over to the garment options for a quick goose at the most popular range but remember this is by no means an exhaustive list, so get in touch if you’re after something you don’t see!


Besides the assurance that your clothing will be spot on every time, in your hands within 14 working days, and of a quality that you expect and deserve – we confidently guarantee that if we set up your get up, an increased visibility on campus as you stand out in the SU.

You may not be the biggest or richest club but you can look the best! We can guarantee a plethora of free goodies and accolades from your fellow committee members and underlings so happy with the new society look!

Got your eye on promotion up the clubs’ ranks? This is a good place to start. Save/earn some much needed spondoolics for your club and re brand with an eye on the future.

We have a free in house design team – designs are completely free and drawn by hand from scratch. We then work with you and your spec to tweak them until your 100% happy – head to the gallery to check out some of the latest gear. Why not get in touch now to start the ball rolling!