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For 10 years MongrelCroc has been the go-to specialist supplier to university club and societies across the realm. Essentially its handpicked bits of cloth cut and stitched into shapes to cover you in ultimate comfort, while displaying your club and society logos and if your super woof, your name.

Started by three students while at university in 2011 who had enough of the annual club clothing purchase being a complete disaster, we set out to do better, and better we have done! We have removed the stress of the annual clothing purchase, making for happy students and happy committees.

We have collected a range of specific bits of cloth specially chosen because they fit like they are supposed to, and not like you’ve borrowed your significant others clothing.

Head to the garment options to see these clothy delights in more detail, or the gallery to view some sticky, sewy and printy graphicy bits.

Why Choose Us

Why trust MongrelCroc with the annual club and society clothing purchase?

We have over a decade of experience sewing, sticking and squeegeeing club and society logos onto specifically chosen bits of cloth. We use this experience to get the best result while staying as true to your original artwork as possible. Our team can advise, edit and design from scratch until your merch is perfect! Then advise on the best adornment method.

All the sewing, sticking and squeegeeing is done inhouse where we have total control of the quality from start to finish, along with control of the turnaround time enabling us to meet deadlines for events with ease.

We have no minimum order quantities – I hear you Knit socs across the world! And if you only need three Tees for freshers fair, we’ve got you covered, literally.

We actually care about the clothing we produce and understand how important it is to you. If a name looks obviously spelt wrong on an order form, we will check rather than just print it. If a logo wont look clear on a certain colour we will advise you to change it, it’s the small things that make a difference to the end product.

We can make your club or society a personal online shop – removing the hassle of collecting your members details and money for each order and allowing members with more budget a chance to cover themselves with more layers of cloth.

Roll over to the gallery for a glance at some finished work or slide into the garment options to look at the most popular kit. Alternatively, let our team do all the legwork and give us a call – 01473 785808

Garm Options

options for covering all parts of your body with bits of cloth

Team wear


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Search the Locker Room

Our Locker Room section is the perfect place for your members to be able to come online and grab what they need. All club shops are set-up to your own specifications and you work with you own account manager to get everything set-up for you. Please GET IN TOUCH if you would like more information about this process or to start the ball rolling
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